The Museum of Salt

The Museum of salt

 Opening of the Museum of salt - May 2009 (you can find the opening times of the Museum under the tab "guided tours").

The city of Salins and the Great Saltworks have officially inaugurated their next premises, rebaptised "Museum of Salt" on Saturday, the 18th of April, 2009. The people attending this special event were : Alain Joyandet, secretary of state responsible for coopération and la Francophonie ; Joëlle Le Mouël, prefect of Jura ; Marie-Guite Dufay, president of Franche-Comté and Jean Raquin, president of Jura county.

Open to the public since the 1st May, you can visit the Museum of Salt on your own, after or before the guided tour of the underground galleries and the evaporation building. The Museum of Salt - perfectly attuned by the refined setting - also offers unpublished testimonials, audio comments, a film projection as well as a collection of technical objects to help our visitors to understand better the Millenium dimension of Franche-Comté's salt industry as well as the saltworkers' everyday life.

 The architectural tone

At first sight, one can notice this steel "box". This box - designed by the architects Malcotti-Roussey from Luxeuil-les-Bains - is to be interpreted as a reminder of the rough aspect of the site, the wear of time, and the labor. When one takes a closer look at it, one can also notice that this vox highlights the salt storage rooms as well as the big chimneys at the top of the evaporation building. The saltworks are a jewel located in the middle of a colorful, unspoilt natural site in Salins-les-Bains. This new Museum of Salt is an example of successful union between a modern architecture and historical buildings, the whole experience makes it a lasting impression on the hearts of our visitors.

However, what we do not know from the outside, is that there is a box within the box : a steel and glass box that leaves space to admire the old stones of our historical buildings, and gives an opportunity for our visitors to discover the saltworks from a different perspective.

"One can find this system of perspectives to view the old stones throughout the visit, the old stones are omnipresent. Eventually, apart from the steel box which is extremely present, everywhere else one can only bow before the historical building, where the stones tell their story" commented the architect Michel Malcotti.


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