Recognitions and inscriptions

The Great Saline has played a major part into the Franche-Comté's economy and its industrial history. This is the reason why it got several recognitions since its closure in 1962. 

In 1971, its underground gallery enters the list of the Historical Monuments. It actually is one of the first French industrial sites to be recongnized. 

In 2009, it entered the Unesco World Heritage list, in connection with the Royal Saltwork of Arc-et-Senans (which entered the list in 1982). These are the two first French industrial sites to be recognized by the Unesco, for very different reasons : the Royale Saline for its architecture, and the Great Saline for its technical elements. 

In 2009 too, the whole site entered the Historical Monuments list, for consistency reasons. 


France is the forth country with the most momuments listed on the Unesco World Heritage list, with 45 sites. They mirror the cultural, architectural, natural and historical wealth of France. Each monument has been listed for its exceptional and universal value, which is at the heart of the Unesco World Heritage.  


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